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Una seconda chance

Losers love excuses.


They love excuses because it lets them ignore the problems that they need to address and provides them an out for not taking action, even when they know that they should.

Unfortunately, we have all made excuses in order to avoid taking an honest look at our circumstances. We’ve all opted to take the easy path at one time or another and sometimes that lack of action has led us to a dead end—a place where we have to learn to live with our poor choices. However, on other occasions, we have been given a second chance—an opportunity to make things right. 

When it comes to their financial future, too many people have been making excuses for too long. They have told themselves, they are either too old, too young, don’t have enough money, etc. as a way to put off taking action and doing something about their future. They have ignored the markets. They have turned a blind-eye to government shenanigans. They have been quick to dismiss signs that point to a financial collapse. Fortunately, all these signs have set the stage for those who are prepared to make a change. 

To help everyone put away their excuses and recognize their opportunity, Robert Kiyosaki recently released, Second Chance: For Your Money, Your Life and Our World. In his book, Robert dissects a number of topics that are affecting our financial future whether we are willing to admit it or not. In it, he points out, “Most people only see chaos or crisis in an emergency.” He knows that an emergency is also were opportunity lies. 

So how do you take hold of your second chance? While the answer encompasses more than can be discussed here, a simple three-step formula will help you along the path.

  1. Make a list of what you want your life to look like. What is your dream? Where will you live? What will your house look like? How will you spend your time with those you love? What does the ideal scenario look like for you? Take time to really ponder over what success looks like in your life and then write these things down with as much detail as you can.
  2. Make a list of the different assets you will acquire for the lifestyle you want. Lesson 1 from Rich Dad, Poor Dad is, The Rich Don’t Work for Money. The rich have money work for them. This step is about identifying the assets that you will put to work to pay for your goals. When making this list take into account the types of investments that are exciting to you. Your passion for your investments should at least match the passion you have for achieving your dreams.
  3. Look at your lists—everyday. Becoming rich doesn’t just happen. It requires determination, patience, and most of all, focus. By reviewing your lists every day, you will not only be able to maintain that focus, but you begin changing the way you think. You will become more opportunity-minded and be able to see potential investments that the poor and middle-class will miss.

This formula is only a starting point and you need to couple it with action. However, if you are serious about increasing your financial education so you are prepared to take your second chance, the resources available in the “You Can Choose to Be Rich” course on, as well as the help of a coach can assist you in capitalizing on this moment.

To your success,

The Rich Dad Coaching Team


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