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Look for a rewarding job to earn money every day and forever

ARTICLES concerning the current job market and prospects for the future.

New trends in the job market and innovative earning opportunities. Where and how to look for a job, how to make money, how to work from home, network marketing, how to evaluate and choose the best multi-level marketing system and companies, working online, earning online and the most current profitable, rewarding and future-oriented job offers.

... you deserve what you have!


If you don't fight for what you want you deserve what you have. You can have so much more out of your life but you have to want it and be willing to fight for these advantages and privileges. Freedom and independence, to be able to work when you want with a free time management, earn what you deserve, every day and forever and generating profits regardless of your presence and your direct actions, to be able to work with whoever you want without a boss and without employees, to be able to choose who to work with, being able to work from your home, office or wherever you prefer, wherever you want. This is possible and there is a work system that allows you to create your own business that gives you freedom and economic and financial independence but also security for the future. ​


What is Network Marketing

Network Marketing is a modern and revolutionary commercial activity where you can earn very well ... but you have to work, you have to work, you have to be an example and be ethical, An activity where everyone is equal and have the same possibility, and ..... above all ..... where people must sincerely want to help other people, colleagues, customers and other collaborators. This is the concept! .... 'to want sincerely help other people '! Today our business models have very different principles and strategies ... for this reason many people do not believe possible and cannot understand Network Marketing ... Yet it would be really easy to understand what the Network Marketing, how it works and above all why it works.


Salaried or Employee?

Are you looking for an EMPLOYEE job? Or an EMPLOYEE job? Sorry ... you won't find it here! BECAUSE ... these 2 words are monstrous … EMPLOYEE = person who depends on someone or something - life, the salary, the holidays, the colleagues, the place, the hours ... the days are decided by someone else, it does not depend on your skills ... it depends on the mood and character of your boss, on the company policy. market ... from strategy, when you are no longer useful they replace you or do without it.  EMPLOYEE = whoever is used for a purpose,

used. But you .... really aspire to be an 'EMPLOYEE ' to be 'EMPLOYEE '? A lot of people accept it .... What alternatives does a person have


Why not do it for yourself ...

If I already work so hard ... why not do it for yourself? Why work for others? Do you think you're worth so little? Why don't you work for yourself ... your family ... for your future? Fear? Fear of not being able? Fear of risk? Do you need security? Don't know what to do? Don't know any alternatives? NEWJOB has a serious, exciting and profitable business to offer to seriously motivated people.
SAFETY? Let's talk ...! How safe is your permanent position?
How safe is your current job? What do you risk? What do you risk if you do nothing?

Get the Life You Want - VIDEO

I speak to you! I speak to you that you would like to change your life and its perspectives. I speak to you that you would like to stop with the usual problems. The tiredness, the

lack of time for yourself. The family, the hobbies, the passions. You who would like to stop depending on others and stop depending on an income that is never enough for everything. Who would like to stop being satisfied. You who would like a more ambitious and more yours life, a life that does not end with work. A life that is a continuous opportunity. Yes I speak to you … it changes the way you see things. Deserving more and having your worth recognized is not a dream. à to change your life for the better, to see talent and commitment recognized.


Are you looking for a fixed wage?

There are people who are looking for a fixed wage and a

steady job. I am looking for exactly the opposite: a pay that evolves, which is a stimulus, which can increase at least as the increase, the ' high cost of living '.. every 3 months! ( not every 2 or 3 years …), adequate to my performance, adequate to the results obtained, adequate to the results obtained by the company I work for therefore ... a NOT FIXED PAY … but a pay that changes … THAT CAN INCREASE … But why do people want Fixed Pay? They think they are safe

….? For peace of mind? But you never thought that if you no longer meet the demands ... even your Fixed Pay Does it end up because they fire you? What SECURITY do you have with FIXED POSITION and FIXED PAY if they can fire you at any time?


Do you want to be an EMPLOYEE?

A model EMPLOYEE like Mr. Fantozzi. Many people, when you ask ... what work do you do? ... what work do you want to do? ... they answer: ' THE EMPLOYEE ... 'They are proud to say who are 'EMPLOYEES ', bank clerk, office clerk. But have you ever wondered what 'clerk ' means? What is an EMPLOYEE? EMPLOYEE = person used to perform a function. Then you are USED .. . they use you! ... and are you proud of it? MODEL EMPLOYEE = person who is used repeatedly without ever turning around. I don't want to be EMPLOYED! What do you do in life? 'They use me in the bank, ... They use me in the office. ... in addition I have a FIXED PLACE and the FIXED PAY .... and maybe at 65 I will be able to go to BOARD 'FANTASTIC ...!

Herbalife multilevel marketing - Network Marketing E

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Network marketing or multilevel marketing what it is. Many people talk about it but few really know about it and everyone has their own opinion based on hearsay, on other people's experiences, on limiting beliefs. The fact is that network marketing has become an important reality in the world of work and commerce. There is no crisis, on the contrary, the serious companies that operate with this ethical, social and meritocratic business model are in strong and constant growth and represent job offers for job seekers and the possibility to work part time and earn money. Work from home in complete freedom, work online and earn money. how to earn lots of money in a different way that no one has taught us because they prefer us all to be employees.  Business Ideas 2020, among the top 10 network marketing companies, the top 5 companies in multilevel marketing we have chosen the one that for us, according to well-defined criteria, is the best company to start with and the one that offers the best guarantees of security, solidity and prospects for the future. We also explain how to make money, how to earn money with a Network Marketing that works.